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Juhar Parivar, Bengaluru (aka JPB) is a social cultural entity based in Bangalore. We are a family where in all the members of the family are actively working for the growth and development of JPB by the people of Western Odisha. We believe in unity and brotherhood.

The key objective of JPB is to promote development and popularize the Socio-cultural activity of Western Orissa this includes upliftment of the needy and deprived section of the society. We organize various blood donation camps which is one of the essential elements when it comes to health apart from that we distribute food material, medical relief and support the student of weaker section by providing study material and help to complete their education.

We also conduct numerous cultural events to promote our heritage in Bangalore which showcase our rich tradition and roots; we also observe different traditional festivals which has bind everyone like a family, so we call ourselves “Juhar Parivar, Bengaluru.”

For its outstanding contribution to the society towards culture and heritage JPB has been recognized by various Government and private organizations for our work. In the year of 2016, JPB was honored during Lok Mahotsav, Sambalpur which is exclusively organized by the district administration of Sambalpur and the Government of Odisha Odia Language Literature and Culture Department.

To create awareness and promote our culture of Western Orissa the members have formed a Sambalpuri Music band which is called as “Folk Beats” and which is first of its kind outside the state of Orissa in Bangalore.

Our Journey begins with the celebration of Nuakhai by 04 (Four) enthusiastic youths of Western Odisha which has put first founding stone of JPB. Since, 1999 many like minded energetic youths have joined hands together and celebrate Nuakhai and Nukhai Bhethghat is a long tradition followed at Bangalore. We have come lived across unforgettable journey of 02 Decades and counting and the tireless efforts of our member have given us a brand name Juhar Parivar, Bengaluru.

JPB is not only a pillar of support for Western Odisha people who are in Bangalore but also has given a platform for the exposure of our folk artists in our own Nuakhai Bhetghat and got popular worldwide.

Mostly all of the prominent personalities from Western Odisha have showered the blessings by their presence at Nuhkhai Betghat, Bengaluru. Say Padma Shri Halder Nag (in 2007), popularly known as Loka Kabi Ratna and also a renowned poet, writer in Western Odisha; Smt. Guruwari Mirdha (in 2008), known for her Dalkhai dance which made our then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi to dance to her tune; Padma Shri Jitendra Haripal (in 2009), the great singer of our internationally famous song "Rangabati".

We have always been a helping hand and a constant support for the needy and deprived section also constantly promote our culture, heritage, tradition and language which ultimately defines its root which has a unique identity in the globe.



We Are Commited & Dedicated for Our People Of Western Odisha